Young journalist-ecologist club

Main Rules: never miss meetings of the club!

speak only English!

never hurt plants or animals!

: help friends if they're in trouble.

: get more information required.

: be an active defender of the nature!

Main Goals: 4 to attract every pupil's attention to the environmental problem of our country.

4 to display an exhibition of drawings, photos, issues concerning the topic of the project.

4 to ask for an interview among the schoolmates and to

define the rate of public opinion.

Our Motto: Our motto - to keep peace,

Our task - to keep all this.

Our time to make it best

From North to South,

From East to West!


1. Discussions. 1 The environmental problem of the Earth.

2 The influence of the industry and agriculture on

the nature.

3 Folk observations of the natural phenomena.

4 What do we eat and drink? Harmful ingredients

in our food.

5 Ecological organizations in Ukraine and in the



2. Exhibitions and PP-Presentations:

Children's pictures to the topic "Nature by Eyes of a Child".

A photo-exhibition made by children "Keep Your Eyes Open".

A contest for the best issue "Earth in a century".

A contest for the most professional interview.

The most interesting and exiting hiking-route.

3. Interviews:

What you can do for your nature.

What places of interest you would like to visit.

Aren't we the cannibals?

What have you done to keep your town/street/house clean?

4. Excursions:

Visits to the park, zoo, museums (Dubno, Klevan, Lutsk, Berezno).

Hiking days and camping (Reshuts)

5. Audio-visual materials:

Films & cartoons (Maugly, Lion King, Bugs' Life…)

Songs & poems (Twenty Froggies…)

Games (Catch Some Water, Build a Road…)

6. News & Views:

A I-net newspaper of the club.

The best issues, stories, poems.

Taking pictures of our influence on the nature.

7. Pen-Friends

E-mail letters to the foreign friends

An exchange of ideas and proposals( Forum).

Getting some experience from friends

(on-line events).

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