Saint Valentine's day

Teacher: Dear students! You know that at English lessons we try to celebrate different English and American holidays to study not only language but the life and traditions of English-speaking countries.

Today we have our St. Valentine's love lesson. You know that love is one of the most outstanding feelings. Nobody can explaine what it means-love. But I ask you choose any of these cards, read and explaine how you understand what love means for you.

The students choose the cards with the sentences about love and comment them. For example, "Love is feeling like flying in happiness".

Teacher:The 14th of February is St.Valentine's Day. This day has roots in several legends. Please, read one of the legends.(The students read the story about history of St.Valentine's Day).

The teacher asks them 10 question to be sure they have undestood the text:

1)What is the symbol of this day?

2)Whom did St.Valentine send his message?

3)What did an Italian Valentine do contrary to the emperor's will?

4)How did he sign his message?

5)Why was he beheaded?

6)What did the young men do during Roman holiday on the 14th of February?

7)What can people send as the symbols of love?

8)What is the shape of the valentine's card?

9) Where do the children put their valentine's cards?

10)Where can people send the message to their sweethearts?

Those students who answer right get sweets in the shape of hearts.

Teacher: This day men and women, boys and girls write the cards and give presents to each other.

I give you the samples of such poems.You 'll read them and then you'll write your own poems having only 2 rhymed words.

-Rose are red,

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet

And so are you.

-Lilies are white,

Rosemary's green.

If you are King,

I am your Queen.

-I love you so much,

I need your every touch,

Every sight, every sigh.

Try to guess who am I?

The students try to write their own poems using 2 words: true-you, heart-smart, Valentine-mine, sweet-meet,boy-toy,kiss-miss,blood-flood, sky-shy .For example: My dear boy,

I am not your toy.

If you are Valentine,

It means that you are mine.

At the end of the lesson -the game "Love from the first sight"

The students take the sheets of paper in the shape of the hearts:red hearts for girls and blue hearts for boys.

Then the teacher asks them 5 questions and they write the answers. Those students who gave the same answers are become the ideal pair.

1)What is your favourite colour?

2)Do you like to read?

3)What is your favourite juice?

4)What animal do you like?

5)What music do you prefer to listen to?

The ideal pair is awarded with the souveniers.

During the lesson the students listen to some songs: "Yesterday", "Love me tender", "Let me call you sweetheart"

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