Mother's Day

Teacher: Dear students and guests! Today we celebrate Mother's Day.

At first I'd like to pay your attention to the words on the


words: mother, mom, mummy, grandmother, granny, the dearest person,

special, tender,industrious, kind-hearted, generous, faithful,

reliable,sociable, serious, pretty, attractive, charming,

take care of, look after, cook meals, in a good mood, lullaby.

Teacher: Now I want you to tell some words about your moms or grannies.

Students show the pictures of their moms and grannies and tell about them in such way:My mom's(granny's) name is... She is (age).She is tall(short).Her hair is dark(fair).Her eyes are(colour).My mom is pretty.She takes care of me and family.She cooks meals.My dearest person is always in good mood. I love my mom very much.

The students are given the texts"Mother's Day in Great Britain". After reading the students answer these questions:

1)Where did the girls from poor families work?

2)What day could they visit their mothers?

3)How did people call that day?

4)When do people celebrate Mother's Day in Great Britain?

5)How do people celebrate this holiday in the UK?

6)How do children respect their mothers on that day?

7)When do they celebrate Mother's Day in the USA and Canada?

8)What is the difference between celebrating Mother's Day in English-speaking countries and

in Ukraine?

Teacher:Dear children! I offer you to make the holiday cards for your moms and grannies.

The students make cards and write down the poem:

Love you, mummy, very much.

So here's one big kiss

To a special person

Who's reading this!

The competition "Do you know your mom well?"

-What is your mom's maiden name?

-Where was your mom born?

-What present does your mom prefer?

-What colour are your mom's eyes?

-Does your mom like animals?

-What perfume does your mom like?

-What does your mom like to do about the house?

-Does your mom like modern music?

-Who is her favourite singer?

-What is your mom's favourite meal?

At the end of the lesson the students sing the songs for moms and grannies "Good night" and

"My dear, dear mummy".

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