Man and natural world

Загальноосвітня мета:

розширювати знання учнів про небезпеку забруднення навколишнього середовища та наслідки від забруднення; оволодіння термінологією;

Виховна мета:

переконати учнів у необхідності берегти Землю, бачити дивовижний світ і красу, піклуватися про природу навколо, активно допомагати у вирішенні екологічних проблем.

Практична мета; розвивати навички аудіювання, читання, вміння висловлювати власні думки на основі мовленнєвої ситуації.

Розвиваюча мета: розвивати вміння приймати участь в дискусії, робити висновки, виконувати спільний проект, працювати в групі.

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Song "What a wonderful world" l.T: There are a lot of songs and poems about the beautiful world around us. When people write poems they rhyme words. Let's play and rhyme some words: clue write sink buy no loud

Now listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the words you hear.

Let's check the rhymes.

Now, let's sing along with L. Armstrong, shall we?

n. Man and Natural World.

It's quite natural that people enjoy beauties of the world, isn't it? But nowadays we can hear such words: "Natural world is in danger!" What does it mean? Let's speak about the things which do harm to nature. And then decide, whether people in general and you children in particular can do something to help our world to survive.

Watch a video-clip and answer the question: What has wrong with the beautiful place?

Now let's think what has changed in nature and what are the reasons of dangerous changes of the world around?

Change of Climate

Animals in danger

Plants in danger

Environmental problems

Water Pollution

Air Pollution

Ps speak out about these problems.

3.a) Reading and thinking: Read the sentences and write which activities are bad and which are good for the environment.

(Work with the texts on cards) b)Speak out

4. Watch video-clip 2 and make notes what people do to help to save our planet from an ecological disaster?

reduce of use of energy

reduce of use of gas

reduce of use of water

reduce of use of fuel

reduce cans and plastic bottles

walk more

drive less

use new sources of energy

international cooperation

5.a) What can you do to help the world? Think of the words of advice which can help you to be environment friendly.

Work in groups Dos Don'ts

Save water Don't let water run when you don't need

b) Share your advice.

6. Discussion: I never...

I sometimes... I will try...

I will never...

7. Imagine that the Greenpeace organization asked you to design T-shirts telling people about ecological problems of the day.

Work in groups Show your design to the class. Substantiate your choice.

8. Pledge of Allegiance.

Home task: Write a composition "A Planet of My Dream"

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