to teach students new lexis on the topic;

to develop communicative skills, using active vocabulary;

to train new lexis in listening comprehension;

to teach students to work in groups and pairs;

to develop love for English language.

Materials: pictures of food, hand-outs, a tape-recorder.


1. Greeting

T.: Good morning children!


T.: Let's sing a song "How are you?"

How are you,

How are you,

I'm fine, thank you,

I'm OK, thank you.

2. Warming up

T.: Tell me, please, do you like to eat tasty food?

Ss.: …

T.: We have some tasty food here: some chicken, carrots, oranges, potatoes, fish, bananas, sausage, tomatoes and apples and we have three baskets. A fruit basket, a vegetable basket and a meat basket. Put this food in the correct basket (children stick the pictures of food to the baskets drawn on the blackboard)…That's absolutely correct. Well done!

3. Presenting vocabulary

T.: Look at the blackboard. You can see some pictures of food here. Tell me, please what words you don't know (children name all the unknown words in Ukrainian). Now listen to the new words on the tape and repeat them after the announcer.

rice burger pizza hot dog French fries lemonade beans

(Children repeat the new words several times)

4. Vocabulary drill

T.: Children, I had pizza for dinner yesterday. And what about you? Let's ask each other about your yesterday's menu. And we are going to use the new words of food from the blackboard. So, Mary, what did you have for dinner yesterday?

E.g. I had a burger for dinner yesterday. David, what did you have for dinner yesterday? etc.

5. Group work

T.: Children, I had two dialogues prepared for you, but I was so clumsy in the morning that unfortunately I mixed them. So today we have two "food"-teams. They are "Burgers" and "French fries". I hope that each team will help me make them up again (each team gets a hand-out of one of the dialogues)

E.g. Team "Burgers" gets dialogue1

1. - Mmm, I love milk.

- I'm hungry. Let's get some ice-cream.

- I'm thirsty. Let's get some milk.

- Mmm, I love ice-cream.

Team "French fries" gets dialogue 2

2. - Yes, OK.

- What can I get you?

- Thank you.

- Can I have a pizza and some salad, please.

(Students in teams make up the dialogues, read them and try to understand).

T.: Now we are going to check if you were right. Listen to these dialogues on the tape… Make your own dialogues using words rice, burger, pizza, hot dog, French fries, lemonade, beans. (Ss. are making dialogues and act them out).

6. Relaxation

T.: It's time to have some rest. Let's sing a song "He likes chicken"

7. Reading

T.: Oh, I like sandwiches so much. But do you know how to make a sandwich? Let's read the text and find it out:

Make a chicken sandwich

This is my favourite sandwich! I eat one every day for lunch. This is how you make it!

Take two big pieces of bread. Put some butter on them. Put two eggs, some tomato, two pieces of cheese and some chicken on one piece of bread. Cover it with the other piece of bread.

Put your sandwich on the plate! Now eat it! Yum, yum. It's very nice!

T.: Now I want you to listen to this text on the tape and tell me if the following is true or false.

1. I eat two sandwiches for lunch.

2. Take two big pieces of bread.

3. Put some jam on it.

4. Put some chicken on one piece of bread.

T.: So, tell me, please, what do we need to make a sandwich?

Ss.: We need….

8. Writing

T.: Now look at this sentence. He had French fries for lunch yesterday. Do you know what tense it is? (Ss. revise the structure of the Past Simple, write on the blackboard the affirmative, question, negative forms of the sentence given above, its short answers).

9. Summarizing

T.: You've done good work today. I'm very pleased with you. You all get good marks today.

10. Home assignment

T.: Your home task is: team "Burgers" should write four sentences about what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper yesterday. And team "French fries" should write and even draw several sentences about how to make their favourite sandwich. Use the words you've learnt today in your home assignment.

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