The balloon party lesson

The classroom is decorated with the balloons.

The teacher: Dear studients! I`d like to cogratulait you with the graduation of the academic year. Today we have the balloon party lesson which is divoted to this wonderful event.


It`white as sugar

But it isn`t sweet

You can not eat it. (a chalk)

He likes to talk

And holds a chalk. (a teacher)

It looks like a horse

But it`s wooden and false. (a chair)

You can sleep on it

But it is not for it. (a desk)

You can`t be fun

In the preseuce of the person № 1. (a principal)

He studies the whole day

But he likes to do nothing and play. (a student)

The container full of kids

It warms you and tasty feed. (a canteen)

The rows of desks,

The rows of chairs

Where can you see, where? (a classroom)

Everybody waits for it.

Everyone wants it to hear.

It is noisy, merry, sweet

And for children it is dear. (a bell)

Sometimes it's long,

And difficult and boring

Sometimes it's interesting and short

It starts your every morning. (a lesson)

It's not for fighting

Not for writing

You can show everything

If you take this useful thing. (a pointer)

If you leave this thing at home

You can't write and sit alone. (a pen)

A game "The present"

The students hand to each other the wrapped package. When music stops student who holds the package rewrap it. Then the game is continued till the students open the last peace of paper and find the present.

A game "Find the price"

One of the students whose name was chosen try to find the prize according to the notes on sheets of paperpinned on the wall.

A game "Who I?"

On the back of one of the students there is a peace of paper which the name of a person, thing, etc. The student trys to guess who he is asking the questions.

VI) The teacher and the students wish each other different good things for summer holidays! (handing a balloon)

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